GUEST COMIC: Phineus Tales #1

Phineus is a 25+ year Modern Epic Graphic Novel in Webcomic form.

Phineus and his wife Sara combine firearms and fireballs to protect the people of Pittsburgh from the forces of Darkness!  Phineus is set in the modern word where magic, monsters and all manner of the paranormal exist. Phineus is a Mage and his wife Sara is an archaeologist and ex-superhero and they are in a  never ending battle against the darkness.

Tomorrow we will be posting the interview with creator Barry Linck. Mister Linck was kind enough to send us MORE than enough material, so I am going to start with Chapter One of his story. It is 23 pages long, so I will be splitting the chapter up throughout the week.

If you want to check out more of his stories, go here: