Changes Coming Soon

Johnny and I have been discussing changes to the way we approach this comic. Once we have settled on something, y’all will be the first to know! Actually, Johnny and I will know first, but you will be second! In the meantime, enjoy some sketch art of Fitzsimmons (the guy we saw popping out of the trees on the July 11th post)!

Now Accepting Guest Comics!

Hey everybody,

Due to good old life changes, it might take longer than one week to post a new episode of our webcomic REDemption. Therefore, I would like to open it up to guest comics. Got a one-shot deal that doesn’t fit anywhere else? Send it to us.

Please note: REDemption is a dark, post-apocalyptic, zombie type thing…so lighthearted Family Circus type stuff might not be the best fit!

If anyone is interested, please  email us directly:

Brief Intermission

Our main man Johnny has been a little under the weather, so we have to pause in our regular posting schedule. However, to fill the gap I wanted to share some promo artwork. Here is a vision of the soon to be main protagonist of the story, our very own butt kicking, zombie killing Molly Burroughs.