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Could YOUR name be here next???


THE MODERN LEPER An as-of-yet unnamed blogger/novelist who found our webcomic and loved the ever-loving snot out of it. His level of participation/engagement rivals even mine! Click on his name to check out a summary of his novel. If you like how it sounds, then browse his site and read on!

LIA SCOTT PRICE This young lady popped up in our Twitter feed, and we follow each other. She is the author of her own webcomic series, VAMPIRE GUARDIAN ANGELS. I think she tells people to follow us pretty much every day. Click on her name and check her comic out!

GRANT PENICK I encountered this gentleman in a way that is very rare these days: he was one of the few people participating in a comic book forum who was NOT a bot. Since then we have chatted extensively via Twitter. He’s a good man, great writer, and even more awesome artist!