Business Friends


Well, it does not appear that they have a fully functional website yet. However, it does link to their Facebook page and gives information about their hours and location. It has been open for as long as I can remember, and it is located in my hometown of Troy, NY!


Taken right from their “About Us” page, their slogan is, “Rotting minds and seducing the innocent since 1983!” A massive store located on Central Avenue in Albany, NY, Earthworld has an insane amount of comics, not to mention awesome, friendly, and supportive staff.


Located on Sand Creek Road (a side road off of the more well-known Wolf Road) in Albany, NY, this shop is located in what appears to be a vacant lot. However, further inspection yields one of the coolest damn stores you will ever find, hands down. (I kind of like the fact that you might drive by it the first time you look for it…makes me feel like it’s a well-kept secret that only an elite few are allowed to discover.) They are not a comic book store, but they do have a vasy collection of sci-fi/fantasy fiction, as well as RPG and card game resources.


Clearly not a comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy geeks’ haven, but without them there would have been no issue #1 of REDemption to distribute on Free Comic Book Day. Their prices are ridiculously affordable, and their staff is incredibly responsive. For example, I emailed them the JPGs for the print job, and Ray called me back within ten minutes to provide me with a wide variety of options/quotes.