Friends of REDemption

These people have assisted us in some way or another. As of this writing, there were only two forms of assistance: (1) The UPS Store helped us do a small print run of the first issue at an incredibly affordable rate. (2) Everyone else allowed us to drop off said issue to be distributed on Free Comic Book Day.

Still, there is no favor too small to be honored in return, so we decided to list them here and help them out. That’s why “Friends of REDemption” has been split into two categories: Businesses (UPS Store, comic book shops, etc.) and People (those who have contributed money to us via Patreon and won the “thank you” reward).

UPDATE: As of May 30, 2017, we will also be adding creators of other webcomics to the “People Friends” list. Why? Well, even though they are in the “business” of selling their comics, they’re not really in the same category as the UPS Store and so on. These are people who, if I met them in person, would most likely become close friends that I hung out with a lot.

As a double whammy to thank them for their help, we will also be listing them in a separate “Comics We Like” section. Enjoy! 🙂