Behind the Scenes: REDemption Video Logs

If you hover your mouse over the title of this page, you will see I split it into my posts and Johnny’s posts. Why? Just playing around with the layout to see how things look. All of these videos can also be found on our YouTube channel. (See the Follow/Contact Us Page for the link.) However, we decided to post them here as well.

Johnny will have an easier time with this, since video is obviously a visual medium and he is the artist half of this creative team.

How will I, as the writer, hold up MY end of the video bargain? Simple!

(1) I can make sure my videos are no longer than 1-2 minutes, so you don’t have to stare at my talking head for too long, or (2) I can make videos about something that is visually interesting.

For example, I could recruit a demo partner to help illustrate the concepts behind some of the hand-to-hand fight scenes that come later in the story.

Have no fear. With my creativity, I am positive I can hold my own on the video front.

~~~~~Steve G.