Interview with Cherie Hellemeyer

Hello there, and welcome to! Could you start by telling us the name or names of everyone on your creative team?

Cherie Hellemeyer; I do all the art, story and promoting on my own.

Where are you all from?

I hail from the Midwest, in particular, Missouri, around the STL area. I’ve been here my whole life except the first year of my life, which I lived in Texas and California for brief periods.

Share a little bit about yourself: childhood, education, family life, etc.

Early on, both of my parents noticed my talent for creativity and nurtured that through my whole life. My mom put me in lots of those science and art camps during school breaks, so I think that helped me experience a lot of different things when I was younger, and I enjoyed them greatly. My dad has his own screen printing business, and taught me how to do it, as well as showing me all different ways of going about making art. I graduated from high school, and went off to make bad decisions for the next 8 years… which had a negative effect on all that creativity.  I currently have an almost 6 year old in Kindergarten, who seems to have artistic talent as well. I’ve been with my partner for 2 ½ years now, and we’re trying to get into a better house.

Tell us your latest news. What kind of projects do you have going on?

Oh gosh, Blighted: The Odyssey. This is my baby right here, and I do have to say: It’s long. It is a hugely extensive story, and it’s also a two-parter. Blighted: The Odyssey is just Part I, and it’s just now getting into the format I want. I wish I was faster, there’s so much outlined that I need to get into Photoshop and do the digital version.

This project has two main points:

  1. To improve my skills and style, on rough draft as well as photoshop.
  2. To get this story to you. To my beloved readers. It’s been in my head so long, and it’s grown so intricate that it must be told.

When and why did you begin writing/drawing?

It’s always been with me in some way or form, I just always kept trying to improve. I lack in both departments, in my opinion. I do think my writing and art style is improving here within the last few months, but I think it’s mainly because I’ve been practicing so much lately.

What inspired you to start expressing yourself artistically?

Music and manga, actually. That’s the best way I can put it. I love to read manga in silence and draw listening to music.

How has your style changed since you began?

Toned down the manga vibe, but not entirely. I’m able to draw really detailed pieces with paper and pencil. Digital improvement was huge though. I still need to learn a lot to get where I want to be.

What do you find the most challenging and/or rewarding about writing/drawing?

Challenging: Finding time. I’m so busy all the time being a mom, working 40+ hours a week and drawing for 4-5 hours a night. Coffee is love.

Rewarding: Though it may seem silly, I love seeing comments and seeing how much people enjoy what I do. It really pulls me through.

How much of your work is based on reality, whether it was experiences or people you know/knew?

I take pieces of everything. Not much from experiences, I tend to let my imagination carry out the scenarios and the like.

What have you learned while working on your latest project?

Art is hard! -laughs-

But yeah, it takes a lot of work to get where you want to be, no matter how big or small.

Do you have any advice for other writers/artists?

Just… do what you can at your own pace. If you love doing it just because it makes you happy, do it. Unless it’s heroin. Don’t do heroin.

Do you have any links where we could find your work? How about social media accounts where people can follow you for regular updates?

ComicFury-This is one of the two comic sites I post on:

Webtoons-This is the other:

Instagram-I post a lot here:


Deviantart-I post other art here besides Blighted.

Tumblr: Updates slow, because not a huge follower count:

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