Interview with Grant Penick

Hello there, and welcome to! Could you start by telling us the name or names of everyone on your creative team?

My name is Grant Penick. I write and draw the comic while my Fiancee Alix, who is my Editor, she keeps me in line with dialog and grammar.

 Where are you all from?

I’m from Lubbock, Tx.

Share a little bit about yourself: childhood, education, family life, etc.

Born in Texas, and moved when I was 7 to New Jersey where I picked up comic art from a friend in the 4th grade. Never really thought I would be creating comics later on in life, was just a fun hobby to pass the time.

Tell us your latest news. What kind of projects do you have going on?

Well, just working on the comic as much as I can. My brother and I opened a graphics shop up, so a lot of time is devoted to that, but every free moment I have goes to the comic. Also have another comic in mind, developing the story right now and I will probably be starting that next year after I finish my first book with Osker.

When and why did you begin writing/drawing?

I picked up drawing comics in the 4th grade from a friend that I saw drawing a comic one day in class. Created some crazy adventures with my characters. Stole most of the teachers printer paper, I think she let us honestly. I didn’t start drawing or writing comics as a potential profession until I was 29. I went to school for 2d animation and game art/design and had Osker as a game idea at first. I couldn’t find a programmer to work with so I decided to put Osker into a comic. First story I’ve ever really created with a full story.

What inspired you to start expressing yourself artistically?

Always been an artist, as long as I can remember.

How has your style changed since you began?

I first had a very loose style in my comic for speed, but the more and more I drew the pages, the cleaner and more colorful they became. The current pages are more my refined style, and most likely will remain like that. I’m a masochist in the detail of each page, that’s for sure. Some of the pages when I first began took about 5 hours to complete. Now, with the more refined, more detailed style, some of the latter pages I’ve drawn up have taken about 30-40 hours.

What do you find the most challenging and/or rewarding about writing/drawing?

It’s definitely makes it all worth it when someone reads the comic, and gets a big grin on their face about what’s going on in the story. Even though Osker is a dark, gruesome story, there is comedic relief and I try to keep it light hearted at times. The challenging part of writing and drawing the comic, is there slight changes in script after I have something set that I like that doesn’t necessarily line up and I would have to split the script, and figure out how to connect the new parts of the story, the dialog, or just the sequencing.

How much of your work is based on reality, whether it was experiences or people you know/knew?

Not a lot, most of the characters in my story are completely made up, I might later down the line use some of the people in my life as inspiration for characters.

What have you learned while working on your latest project?

Creating a comic is a ton of work.

Do you have any advice for other writers/artists?

Plan everything out, get a solid story/script, and it’s okay to change things here and there, but a general storyline is a must. I have several friends that have webcomics, that they don’t have a storyline and they are already having plot holes in the beginning of the story because they don’t have a guideline.

Do you have any links where we could find your work? How about social media accounts where people can follow you for regular updates?

The comic is here:

FB: grantpenickart

Twitter: @oskercmao

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