Interview with Barry Linck, Creator of PHINEUS

Hello there, and welcome to! Could you start by telling us the name or names of everyone on your creative team?

Barry Linck: story, art, colors and design.

Where are you all from?

I’ve lived just outside of Pittsburgh, PA most of my life. Except when I went to Edinboro University.

Share a little bit about yourself: childhood, education, family life, etc.

I grew up in a lower middle class household with my mom, dad and two younger sisters. I went to Edinboro University of PA and graduated with a degrees in Animation and illustration in 1992. I’ve been working in the printing industry since graduation, while self publishing my comics.

Tell us your latest news. What kind of projects do you have going on?

As always, I am producing Phineus as an ongoing comic, going on 26 years, now. I also do a few other comics, on th side, such as Phines: Teen Wizard, Gil:The Walking Dead (or Vampires suck), Creephunter and Bastard Who. I also did and finished a comic strip with Brian Babyok called Weirdlings.

When and why did you begin writing/drawing?

I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. I’ve been doing comics since elementary school. In fact, the character in Phineus were created in their otiginal form, in high school.

What inspired you to start expressing yourself artistically?

Probably seeing movies like Jason and the Argonauts and Star Wars and wanting to do that, too. Plus, my grandfather was a photographer for the Steelers, so I’ve been around that always.

How has your style changed since you began?

Well, as a wise man Chuck Jones once said to me, every artist has has a certain number of bad drawings in them. The key is to get them all out early. Practice, practice, practice. I draw more deliberately, no matter what style. I am also trying, with every page, to better myself as a writer and an artist. I have more my own style, than aping my favorite artists like used to.

What do you find the most challenging and/or rewarding about writing/drawing?

Drawing is hard. Writing is hard. Doing these well, or at least better to tell stories, create world’s and character and have readers makes me so happy. Plus, I am so blessed to get so much fan art and fan fiction. It makes it all worth it.

How much of your work is based on reality, whether it was experiences or people you know/knew?

Well, my stuff takes place in our world, in the city in which I live, but it’s definitely not reality based. It’s It’s a urban horror/fantasy, that takes place in the present. My main character is loosely based on myself, I have other characters that are taken from friends and family, but it’s not a biography.

What have you learned while working on your latest project?

I have become a good writer, a better artist and have learned to never be satisfied with my art, to always strive to make it better.

Do you have any advice for other writers/artists? 

Basically, just do it. Make stuff. Even if you suck, make more, you’ll get better. Always be drawing. And if I never meet you, I’ll bust your balls about when your next thing is coming out. I am the artistic foot in the ass you never asked for, but we all need.

Do you have any links where we could find your work?

My main site, which links to all my projects is:

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