A Brief Pause in History Due to Other Projects

I don’t want to write a long post about history today. There is too much else going on, both personally and with other projects. Today I just don’t have the energy for it.

What else is going on? Well, I am not going to discuss the personal things. I may be a fan of social media, but I don’t believe in using it to air my dirty laundry. Some people do that to get pity or the gratification of someone “liking” their post, but it makes them look pathetic and desperate. Let’s just say what’s happening with me now would be enough to drain ANYONE’S battery.

As for writing projects, I am more than happy to talk about them. I browsed through a whopping 25 poetry collections, finding lines that were visual in nature so I could share them with a gentleman who is helping me create artwork and format each collection.

Then there is my novella “Maybe the Dream Knows What is Real.” Starting next week, that will be posted in serial format on the website Writer to Writers. This week they posted my “warning label” about the upcoming work. I’m terrified, but excited.

Last but not least there is my novel THE SIZE CURSE. This is also going to be serialized on the same website/ I have been going through and editing it, dreading the section that has always felt like filler to me. Well, I reached that section yesterday. Rather than struggle with what to write, I simply cut the offending passage from the main text and pasted it into its own file, just to see what I’m working with here. Turns out if I excise this section, I am losing a whopping 8,000 words.

Do I look forward to having to do this? No, but I have to. Plus I came up with plenty of other ideas that could easily replace this section.

My plan is to continue editing up until the end of the novel. Then I will circle back to the offending passage. I have time. After all, the last section of the novella won’t be posted until October 30th. Before I post any of SIZE, I plan on writing a little “note from the author” post. That means I won’t need to have the novel ready to post until mid-November. Even then, that’s only the beginning of the novel; the part that has to be rewritten is more than halfway through it.

In other words, I am way ahead of schedule on this. I can relax. 🙂



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